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Aiken South Carolina
Stuart Epps who worked with Led Zeppelin, Elton John, George Harrison, Bill Wyman, Bad Company and many others PRODUCED on our new single 99 Gold available now on Spotify –
****Stuart Epps Comments on 99 Gold and Afteralice****
” yea i like it . great band . very Zeppelin but with modern twist . Love this band . got a great effect for that stop section .
I’ve been listening to some of the other tracks and there is some great stuff. The sound you have is brilliant, no doubt about that. You are the closest band I’ve heard for a long time to some of the greats I’ve been lucky to work with”.

Steven Fennell

Jason Crowden
Main Songwriter/Vocals/Guitars/Engineer

Steven Fennell worked on several projects of all genres over the last 30 years. Jeff and John Murphy from “Shoes” produced and released “Roc Sinatra ” and Herb Eimerman’s solo projects which influenced Steven in every aspect of his music career. The production style featured lyrical story telling, layered background vocals, unique guitar sounds and full body dynamic song structure that would eventually be the signature sound for what later became AFTER ALICE.

Jason Crowden
Main Songwriter/Vocals/Guitars

In my early twenties, a couple of friends and I formed a cover band and we began playing locally. Although, it was fun & profitable, I wanted to do more with music. I began writing original music around the age of 24 and recorded an EP with my cover band when I was 25 in Atlanta, GA. I went back to playing covers until I met Steve Fennell. We started recording songs immediately, & I knew this would be a project that would go well beyond anything I’ve done in the past. The creative influence that Steve has contributed to this project has allowed me to grow greatly as a musician. I am excited about the potential this project has and I can’t wait to see what the future of After Alice will bring.

After Alice is an Alternative/Indie/Power Pop/Rock/ band that is taking the music industry to a new level with there outstanding lead vocals, blended harmonies, classic guitars, addictive melody’s with a unique driving force and edge that adds a new dimension to the industry’s multi genre sound.

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Band Members:

  1. Steven Fennell   ( Drums)
  2. Jason Crowden Vocals )


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